Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Morning Workout...

You know that feeling of just having put head to pillow, and then the alarm is going off?

Totally me this morning.  So, I hit the Snooze.

Then, you know that feeling that you've slept WAY longer than you should have, and instead of hitting Snooze, you turned the alarm OFF?

Yep, me again.

Luckily, "Late" was still 4:50 AM, and I was still able to get out the door by 5, to make it to RPM by 5:30.  It just meant my hair looked interesting, and I had no water...

But, I made my morning workout.  And, you know that feeling when you've been awake for two hours, already gotten a solid sweat in, and it's just barely 7 AM?  Yeah, that was me this morning too :)

Now, for the rest of the day...:)

PS, anybody actually stumbling across this blog?

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