Friday, June 7, 2013

The Back, The Workout, and the Furniture.

I am moving SLO-Oh-Ow this morning!  Well, slow for me!

It started yesterday.  I ran my errands, and then headed off to the gym.  I am almost done with the first book of the Game of Thrones franchise, and my plan was to sit on a spin bike and read until Pump started, which I did.  It was great!

Then Pump came about, and I decided I should really push myself with the weights on my squats.  So I did.  By the time we got to lunges (and I HATE lunges), my legs were a burnin'.

Still, neither one of those are beyond the ordinary, and wouldn't cause me to move all that slow.

And then I got home, and decided to rearrange the bedroom and living room furniture and begin organizing for a big Goodwill donation.  That's what did it.  Unpacking shelving units and hauling them up and down stairs, multiple times, alone, well, yeah, that did it.

Now, I will have to say that I used my knees, and kept very good posture while doing all of this (thank you Pump), but I will also say that I'm not 20 anymore, and while I'm not 40, I am certainly within the age that a little IcyHot is good to keep on hand for those times when I forget my body isn't quite as resilient to abuse as it once was!

The plan for today, unfortunately, includes a lot of researching and writing for my grad school stuff.  I have tried to do some of this on the bike at the gym, but because I need to take notes...well, it doesn't quite work.  I like the research, but it's all the sitting, quite honestly.

The plan also includes a change of location, as staying at home usually means I find something else to do instead (like move furniture).  For example, I came down to make breakfast this morning, and a half hour later, I had all the expired and old condiments from the fridge down the garbage disposal, with containers ready to be recycled.  So, apparently I've added "clean the fridge" to this weekend's "to-do". (I did this in college too...finals week before winter break was always the perfect time to clean out, and rearrange, the dorm room...)

Happy Friday all!  I need to get on the move!

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