Sunday, January 29, 2012

Body Attack!?!

The gym I belong to offers several classes, including the Les Mills series. Although many are beyond my reach, I decided to take a break today to attend Attack. Let's just say I will have to spend some time explaining to my body there is such a thing as a good attack! If you can't get a good workout in this class, you are not trying!

Officially coming in with 10 lbs lost in two months. Definitely wanted more when I started, but now realize it could certainly be worse, so I will take it and move forward.

And finally, I made some taco meat yesterday with black beans, 96% lean meat, tomatoes, chilis, onions, and peppers. I went with a packaged taco seasoning. BIG MISTAKE! So much sodium, and I feel it! Anyone gave a good homemade substitute?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

When the world turns upside down...

So, shortly after my last post, my mom began feeling pretty sick. After tests and surgery, it's now a cancer battle. I am in a state of limbo as we await the plan of attack.

This is not the first time for these events in my life. I was in this exact position at this exact time four years ago, but with my father. I lost him that December.

We are staying positive, but I can't help but feel the stress and fear. I also know that I put on a lot of weight four years ago, and with all this, grad classes, and a full-time job sometimes requiring 14-hour days, plus taking care of my mom, I could easily pack it on this year...

I know I need to remain committed and strong. As of this morning, I am below my second threshold. I am going to keep looking at those small thresholds. There is precious little in my life I can control or change right now, but this is something I can.

So, I hope all of you have had a great start to 2012. Sorry for my absence, and I hope to catch up on posts I have missed soon!