Sunday, January 29, 2012

Body Attack!?!

The gym I belong to offers several classes, including the Les Mills series. Although many are beyond my reach, I decided to take a break today to attend Attack. Let's just say I will have to spend some time explaining to my body there is such a thing as a good attack! If you can't get a good workout in this class, you are not trying!

Officially coming in with 10 lbs lost in two months. Definitely wanted more when I started, but now realize it could certainly be worse, so I will take it and move forward.

And finally, I made some taco meat yesterday with black beans, 96% lean meat, tomatoes, chilis, onions, and peppers. I went with a packaged taco seasoning. BIG MISTAKE! So much sodium, and I feel it! Anyone gave a good homemade substitute?

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