Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I forgot how much weight I had been down...

So, in the last post, when I said I had been good at 'maintaining'...well, that turned out to be a half-truth.

I had forgotten I was down to the early 220s.  I thought I had been around where I am now...232.

Actually, when I picked this back up, I was around 242.  I knew that I begun to let myself slide, and when I stepped on the scale, I jumped off and began making changes in my diet.

The good thing is that the exercise is not an issue.  Even the eating is something I can switch 'fairly' easily. 

It had just been the end of the school year, with tons of treats and things.  And then Summer, with all its delicious food and drinking goodness.  I could FEEL things were not good.

They weren't.  On the scale, and 242.  I had already vowed I would never see the 240s again...but, I suppose it's a good thing I did, or it would've gotten worse.

A friend of mine is on Isagenix.  I know, yet another program (there are so many, it'd be a shame not to try all of them, right?? Gahhh...).  But hear me out.  A few years ago, a family member, a cancer sufferer, had mentioned going on this program.  At the time, I thought it would be better if this person spent time cleaning up their diet rather than spending A LA OT of coin on this program.  (Really, it isn't inexpensive)...

Fast forward to a friend of mine now who looks great and has energy, and this family member's crappy cancer still hanging around, and I'm willing to look into this 'Isa' lifestyle.

I began the 30 day program after the 242 realization.  Now, I haven't been totally faithful to it, as I have a life, and friends, and whatnot, but it's definitely helped me regulate my eating, as well as obviously drop a few lbs and inches.

I also wanted to give this a try for my family member...before they invested money that definitely doesn't grow on trees...I wanted to see if I really 'felt' better, or if it was more of a placebo thing.

I was almost disappointed in how good I felt.  I know, right?  How cracky is that?

Still, I just had my morning Isa smoothie (which, if you know me, you know I'm not opposed to the smoothie), and I feel pretty good.

And a little note about the weight...I still want to get into the 170s.  That's my goal.  But, I can say that even 242 this summer against the 240s I was a few years ago is drastically different.  This is a working out 242...then, it wasn't.  My legs and arms have quite a bit of definition, and body does look different.

Still, it will be much better out of the 'Terrible Twos'.

How's your journey?  What's tripping you up?  What's giving you that little victory?