Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jog like you're Alice Cooper

So, I have NO IDEA if Alice Cooper is a jogger.
Here's my logic.

At the end of the day.
We're usually tired.
5 o'clock shadow can certainly stand for more than a man's facial hair.
The last thing we usually want to do is workout.
Or cook.
We have to eat.
We have to move.

So put on the clothes.
And if you're in the clothes, you commit to the effort.
As long as you're going to expend the energy.
Make it worth it.

Make it rain sweat.
Make the mascara run.
(If you don't wear it, consider putting it on, you know for effect :)
Little children should be a little frightened of you at the end.

That's what I did tonight.
I was tired.
Did NOT want to workout. 
Let alone, move.

So I threw on the clothes.
Plugged in the headphones.
And took off.

And when I got home.
I looked in the mirror.
And realized I had rocked it like Alice Cooper.

Happy Wednesday :)

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