Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Weekend for Reprogramming

Father's Day is always difficult, because I miss mine so much.  However, this weekend, I was bound and determined to put the good memories to use, and to throw myself into activities that would actually be beneficial.  No wallowing in commiserating misery, and no self-sabotage.

First up, the Warrior Dash.  This is a 5k mudder that includes some pretty tough obstacles.  I had a blast, and made it all the way through the experience!

Then today, just to ensure I didn't allow myself too much down time, I did a couple of classes at the gym and rounded out the day with a 4 mile jog.  A little excessive?  Maybe.  But it was also important for me to create some other ways of dealing with the days that prove to be particularly tough.  I thought of my dad often throughout the day, but I am trying to reprogram myself to honor the memories, even the ones that make me cry, rather than allow them to be the excuse of bad choices.  If I make a bad choice, it has to be because I make it, and not because I am allowing other issues to navigate for me.  That is definitely part of the journey I am still figuring out...

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