Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lunch and Other Things

I know, a second post!

This won't last, so you know!  I will be a much more regular blogger, but I just happen to have a bit more time right now, and I'm using this as a way to really think about things before the summer gets away from me!

I decided it would be a good idea for me to track my weight with photos.  So, I hopped back on the scale, and it read 227.4!  I test this three times, because it took me that long to get a picture, but still, that's better than the 228 readout this morning (and it was AFTER my breakfast smoothie and a cup of coffee)!

After this, I plan to make Monday's my weigh-in, as that makes the weekend a bit more accountable.

Then, as I have some errands to run, I am eating an early lunch.

This is on a small dish, but it's homemade chicken salad pita pockets with a side of peas and carrots (raw, and the peas are sugar snap).

Homemade Chicken Salad--Quick. Easy. Good!
A while back, I threw about 2 lbs of chicken tenders on the stove and cooked them up.  After they were done, I shredded them, and then mixed about 1 lb. with a jar of salsa and kept the other pound plain.  I divided both of these into single-serving portions, wrapped them individually in Saran-wrap, and then put them in freezer bags, in the freezer.  Then, I can take them out, pop them in the fridge, and in very little time, I have a delicious serving of Chicken for a great meal.

Now, the the Chicken Salad.

1 individual pouch of plain chicken, thawed
As many grapes as you like--really, yum!  Quartered
Dill to taste
Mayo--just enough to put it together--it doesn't take much
Pita Pouch--I had some to finish, but I recommend Joseph's or other low-cal, high quality options

Assembly: Mix the chicken, grapes, dill, and mayo together in a bowl.  Place as much lettuce as the pita will hold at the bottom of the pocket, and then dish in the salad.  Add some healthy sides, and voila!  Yum for lunch!

(I am eating two pitas for lunch, but normally, I would only eat one, and save the other pita and mixture for later---I just know I will be gone for a while, and I don't want to be sucked into unhealthy choices while out.)

If you don't like Mayo, I think Greek Yogurt could be great with this as well.  

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