Monday, June 3, 2013

The Cycling Room

The Cycling Room is full of mirrors.  To the front, the back, and the side.  It's easy to get caught up in the reflection.  The the clothes are smaller than they were a few months ago, they still reveal a body that's not fit.  My cardiovascular health has improved by leaps and bounds, but that's not in the reflection, unless I look into my own eyes, deep into the determination.

It's easy to get defeated by the mirrors.  To glance at the other reflections that reveal the tight and toned shapes I want to claim as my own.  But to be defeated will only move me further from that goal, and so I push on.  I climb.  I attack. I sprint. I arrow in.  I ride.

And slowly, the mirrors fog over.  In the collective drive to push the limits, we all merge into the hazy heat that accompanies every cycling room.  The sweat pours down the face and beads on the arms.  No one is looking at anyone else.  We are all focused on our own goals.

Don't let the mirrors defeat you, and they can, so easily.  Keep pushing.

I had a moment of self doubt tonight.  I didn't get my morning workout in, as I ended up having to go into work earlier than expected, but I did 1.5 hours in the cycling room, and then came home to a gorgeous evening that ended with a walk/jog.

Tomorrow morning is an early RPM.  There, I will face the mirrors again.  But, I will win.

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