Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playing Hide and Hide with the Scale...

So, I seem to have a real issue with the scale.  About a decade ago, I avoided it like the plague.  I mean, I went YEARS without looking at the number (even going as far as telling the nurse's at the doctor's office to "Keep it to yourself.").  And that was when I was still in 1derland.  It's this precise ostrich-like behavior that allowed me to vault into the 200s.  I didn't just wander in aimlessly.  Instead, I bull-dozed my way in, and the first time I saw a number that began with 2, it was followed by a 65.  And then I proceeded to stick my head in the sand again.

I can honestly say I don't know what my heaviest weight was.  I am guessing 275.  Wow, right? 

When I have several bad habit days in a row, I tend to revert back to the ostrich behavior with the scale, and so I have come to the conclusion that I have to weigh myself daily.  Yes, this presents an entire new host of problems, because I want to see results daily, but I cannot afford anymore vaulting!

So, I seem to be closing in on my first benchmark, and I find myself looking forward to reading the numbers in the morning...

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