Sunday, December 11, 2011

MIA and Threshold

I just realized it's been a few days since my last post, and the last one was fairly serious...

Well, that situation is still very much a reality, but I promise I didn't jump off the deep end (I know, you could almost picture me, at least the version of me you have created given my lack of photo, perched on the edge of a carton of Ben and Jerry's, ready to dive in)!

I am in full-blown, I have a full-time job that thinks it's two full-time jobs but only wants to pay me half a full-time job taking graduate classes on top of things in the middle of finals week but still have to make the holiday cookie packages and Christmas shop and get the car detailed you want me to pay how much? panic mode!  This weekend, and this coming week, have been, and will be, insane! 

BUT, I am finally under my first threshold, and I have my sights on 245, even in this craziness.  I will do better to keep things updated!  (Especially since I definitely have some followers...sometimes I had them, and sometimes I didn't....I think blogger has been having some growing pains!)  I'm excited to have you along on the journey with me! 


  1. yay! your comment made my day! and I know what you mean about the followers!
    Well I am blessed about being able to take time off.. Big big blessing..
    I have to lose 60 pounds.. and I'm on vacation right now. I'm going to start full blown work out on the 12th of Jan. so you'll see posts from me more frequently.
    Right now I'm just trying to eat healthy and enjoy my time with my sister and the family.
    Keep it going, what works for me, is setting weekly goals, the bigger numbers look daunting.. start with small numbers and good nutritious food.. stay clear of all the cookies this holiday season

  2. Yay! I am also excited! Thank you for your uplifting comments! They inject a little positive-ness when I'm really overwhelmed with this weightloss thing lol.

  3. It's kind of comforting knowing we're all in this at the same time, isn't it?

  4. yup. That's what blogs are meant for :) encouragement, inspiration and a check! stay at it girls. I can't wait for 12th of Jan to start