Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flat Out!

I took another aerobics class tonight.  I am a great balance of coordinated uncoordinated.  Some moves, I catch on with ease, and just as that happens, we move on, and I'm hopelessly lost, forced to march in place until I do catch on.  Then guess what?  We move on!  (And, it's also an interesting sign when you feel halfway through the workout when the instructor yells "And that's the end of the warm up!"  Oh dear...)

Afterwards, I came home and made a pizza with multi-grain Flat Out bread.  If you've never used it, you must!  It's 100 calories (some of the options are 90 and others are 120), and it's great for all kinds of uses, from pizzas to wraps to dippers.

To make my pizza, I throw some veggies in a pan on the stove (whatever you want).  To save time, I always have frozen onion, pepper, and celery medleys I can toss into the pan.  While they defrost and begin to cook up, I take some canadian bacon slices and use a pizza cutter to cut them into smaller bits (you can use quite a bit of canadian bacon for relatively few calories.  I use 1/4 of a package, and mine works out to be 35 calories!)  I throw those in with the veggies.  When that's starting to brown up, I throw half a can of crushed pineapple in the pan.  This both deglazes the pan, and creates a grilled pineapple flavor.  Yum!  I hit the preheat on the oven and throw my piece of flat out in while its preheating.  Just keep an eye on it.  You don't want it to brown, instead, you just want it to crisp up a bit.  By the time you pull it out of the oven, the mixture in the pan should be cooking out most of the juices.  Spread pizza sauce on the bread, put your toppings on, and sprinkle with part-skim mozzarella cheese.  By now the oven should have reached 350.  Throw it in until the cheese melts.  You can even broil it a bit if you like the cheese bubbly.  And voila!  You have a fantastic pizza!  Mine comes out to just under 300 calories...for the entire thing!  Wahoo!

Let me know if you try it, or if you have other favorite, healthy recipes!

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  1. This sounds amazing. And like something I might actually be able to do.