Monday, December 5, 2011

At the Threshold, just not across Or When the Elephant in the Room is You...

So, I just got back from another Zumba class.  It was both better and worse than the last two times.  Better in that I am catching on...worse in that I let the doubts creep in for a while tonight. 

You see, I'm kind of a tall girl...well, not kind of, I am.  And being exactly 250 lbs, I am not easy to miss!  No matter where I looked in the room full of mirrors tonight, I could see myself...even when another was directly in front of me...and it was difficult in that it was a constant reminder in how far I have to go.  I was wearing a gray shirt tonight, so at one point, with my long ponytail flapping around, I truly thought I looked like a funky elephant...

But I keep reminding myself that I didn't quite get here all at once, and I won't leave here all at once.  I think that's also why I've decided to set my sights on 5 lb intervals. 

Which leads me to my week one achievement.  Although I haven't passed my first goal, tonight the scale said I was directly at it, which means I'm close, and down 5 lbs this week!

So, I guess, enough of the pity party...I am now staring down 245...bring it!

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  1. I made up my mind a year ago when I started yoga that I was never going to allow negative thoughts in that room. I deserved it as much as everyone else and I'm there to get healthy. It's hard but I try to see the positive changes when I have to stare in mirror for 90 minutes!