Thursday, July 11, 2013

The FastDiet, Monday's Weigh-In, and other things.

Somehow it's already Thursday, and while I did get my weigh-in from Monday, I haven't posted yet!

Truth is that I am trying to spend a little time away from technology.  Remember when phones had cords and didn't follow you to the beach?  Remember when Internet necessitated a dial-up connection and as pages loaded you could attack household chores?  Remember books?  :)

Since so much of life revolves around electronics, I have decided to take leave of them when possible.

First, to Monday's weigh-in.  I ended up getting sick towards the end of last week, and while I think my eating was still normal, I did still lose weight.  (Truthfully, I think hydration helped...I was drinking as much as possible, in the hopes I could be healthy on the 4th...didn't happen :()

All in all, the numbers are going in the right direction.  I am close to the teens, which puts me so much closer to onederland in general, which is awesome!

This brings me to my next adventure, so-to-speak.  I have a friend who began the FastDiet a while back.  She's already pretty fit, and she's looking to the health benefits as much as anything.  Now, I have heard about this diet, and have done some research into it.  I have decided to adopt the lifestyle, and yesterday was my first fast day.

Here's my thinking about it--for me, it's honestly somewhat close to what I end up doing anyways, but takes a different mental shift and a few different shifts in habit.

I do love food, but one of my biggest issues is that I can get so busy with my work schedule and commitments, that I FORGET to eat.  Sure, I get hungry, but at times when I can't eat, and then, unless I consciously remind myself, I can actually forget (I have been known to heat things up in the microwave and remember it hours later).  Now.  I will usually make up for this, but it's not the best cycle.  

The FastDiet works on a 5:2 (with other modifications possible) plan.  Eat normally 5 days a week, and fast for 2.  The fast is not an entire fast, but actually a restricted diet to 500 calories, leaving as much time as possible between meals.  There are many ways to work this diet, and the link here is to the books available.  There is also a BBC Horizon documentary (Eat, Fast and Live Longer) that offers a lot of helpful information into the lifestyle.

Anyways, for me, it's not that big of a leap.  The difference will be not having the calories in the evening, when I usually remember I haven't eaten much during the day.  My hope, actually, is that the honest fasting (filled with good foods for the 500 calorie meal), will help me on the other days.  I hope it will help me to eat with a bit more regularity, along with the healthy choices that I already tend to crave more than other things.

So, yesterday I jumped in with a Fast, and it wasn't terrible.  I also didn't wake up ravenous, and my choices today have been healthy.

The health benefits of this lifestyle are also important to me, and so while I hope it will help me to continue losing weight, I think the health factor is the most important.

I suppose the other things will have to wait, as this is a long post already!

I know the FastDiet can be seen as another fad, and I am no stranger to trying a few of them, but this one actually seems pretty easy for me.  Anyone else tried it?  Thoughts?

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