Monday, June 18, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow...?

Well, it's been two months since I posted!  oops!  Here's the skinny (In a "I'm still a Fat Chick with the Former in the Future, but not quite as fat as the chick who started this blog")...

I am almost done with that class I signed up for, and although I have not really lost weight (I do need to get a consistent diet going), I have definitely lost inches and done some reshaping.  I feel GOOD, and I don't want to give up strength training once this class ends.  My gym offers some good alternatives, and I am going to take advantage of them.  I am also upping my cardio, and my goal for the end of the summer is to shed weight as well as add muscle (which I definitely have).  So read on if you want some more detail!

When I first noticed changes: Probably a little over a week into the program.  I have a bit of a commute to work, so sometimes I drive with my right hand on the wheel, and my left hand hanging onto my right bicep (think "I'm having a heart attack" arm grab, but more relaxed :)  I was driving home one day, and did this absent-mindedly, when I felt a lump.  My actual thought process: "Oh my God!  What is this lump?  I have a tumor!?!  Cancer!?! Wait, it's rather big.  Oh man, how did I not notice this before?  Huh, actually, it doesn't feel like a lump.  It''m an idiot....but I'm not even!  I'm an idiot....calm down...." You know you have issues when your first thought upon feeling a newly strengthened muscle is "I have cancer"!

Well, I'm happy to say all other muscle transformations have been met with a little less hysteria!

My legs are definitely getting more toned, along with my arms, and my back/shoulders are also getting stronger.  I love seeing the definition without having to flex.  And again, I LOVE the way I feel.

I'm not going to say there aren't some days I don't want to work out.  And, like I said, the diet still needs to improve, but I can't imagine going back to the body I had before this journey began.  Although the scale may say "Lady, not much has changed", I feel it.  In fact, the scale is going to be put away shortly, and will stay there until the end of the summer.  I am not going to let it dictate how I feel about my body any more.  I am learning to actually consult the source.

I PROMISE to be more consistent with blogging.  I also have to figure out what happened to all the blogs I had in my reader...?

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